“Making The Band” Star Chopper Arrested For Sex Trafficking


Lately, we’ve seen Making the Band re-enter public discourse as fans debate the merits of the Diddy-helmed music-based reality tv series, and as the participants themselves discuss their time on the show. Danity Kane member D. Woods claimed she was miserable on the show, while Willie Taylor thought the series set its artists up to lose.

Today, we’re finding out how things have turned out for another Making the Band star. Chopper appeared on the show in the early 2000s, and would later go on to sign a solo deal with Bad Boy South, although the deal didn’t last long. He hasn’t released music for several years though, and now, as TMZ reports, the former rapper was arrested in Maryland on sex trafficking charges, for which he’s being extradited to Las Vegas.

The evidence against Chopper appears to be quite lengthy, according to legal documents, as an undercover agent posed as a sex worker and got close to Chopper, resulting in a mountain of social media-related evidence. The undercover officer reportedly has direct messages from Chopper which allege that the undercover cop could make money via prostitution.

The evidence doesn’t end with social media however, the undercover cop also had a phone call with Chopper, where he told the undercover they would become a part of his “stable,” and demanded the undercover cop leave their home to join him in Charlotte, N.C. When the cop began to stall and delay the trip, Chopper reportedly got aggressive and requested they pay a $2,000 fee.

We’ll keep you posted on how the situation unravels.


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