Lupe Fiasco On Drill Music: “I Didn’t Hear No Entertainment”


Lupe Fiasco says that he doesn’t hear any “entertainment” in drill music due to the violent truths being told in the lyrics. Speaking with XXL following the release of his latest studio album, Drill Music In Zion, he discussed his thoughts on the genre.

The topic of drill music arose while Fiasco was discussing the final track of Drill Music in Zion, “ON FAUX NEM,” in which Fiasco raps “How does that transpire?/To be so damned by God you want your friends to be goddamn liars?”

“I wish these n****s was liars,” Lupe explained, commenting on the violent nature of the lyrics. “I wish that drill shit was entertainment. And I’m not picking on Chicago. It’s all over the world. N****s is drilling and killing all over the fucking world. I wish this n***a wasn’t telling the truth, but they telling the truth. And n****s just hear it as entertainment. So, when I heard it, I didn’t hear no fucking entertainment to that shit.”

Lupe Fiasco, Lyrics
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He also spoke about hearing Pop Smoke’s music prior to his death, explaining that while it’s good music, it reveals a problem in cities across the world.

Fiasco continued: “When I hear Pop Smoke, I didn’t hear no entertainment to that shit. That shit was fun, it was catchy, but, dang, n***a. We have a problem in New York. We have a problem in London. We have a problem in L.A. We got a problem in Chicago. We got a problem in Atlanta. We got a problem in Texas. We not supposed to be dancing to the shit, man, you feel me? This is different. And the only reason I care so much is these n****s is 13, 14.”

Smoke was killed in February 2020 during a home invasion in Los Angeles while the New York rapper was renting an Airbnb.

Check out Fiasco’s “ON FAUX NEM” below.


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