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While on the music scene the name “Lil Billion” changed to “Billion Gatze.  He was named “Billion Gatze” for always having large amounts of cash on deck – racks, bands, etc.  LLUE EAGLE INCOME (LLC) dropped a few mixtapes under the stage name Billion Gatze such as A.T.X. Finest which dropped in 2003.  Also, “LAVA” recorded in Tallahassee, FL which was distributed in Austin and Tallahassee from 2007-2009.  LLEI later collaborated with his late biological brother Untea’ “Alleycat” Knotts, rest in peace.  Both Alleycat and his late cousin, “Money Marcus Johnson” were listed on a series of underground beef tracks between local Houston rappers Z-RO and Trae the Truth with a group called The Black Hearted Silverback Gorrilaz.

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