Lil Wayne Has Been Accused Of Sexually Harassing Latto In Exchange For ‘777’ Verse


A couple of weeks ago, Latto voiced her frustrations surrounding the music industry, especially when it comes to clearing records from male artists. She explained that she’s dealt with unprofessional men in the industry who refused to clear a record because she wouldn’t respond to a DM. The internet came up with theories regarding who the potential collaborator could be. Many pointed the finger at Kodak Black, who later denied that she was talking about him. 

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“That Mulatto Girl IS NOT Talkin Bout Me Homie,” Yak tweeted. I See Y’all Steady Reachin Lol … Shawty Ain’t Even Say A N***a Name On Dat Shit Ion Know Why Tf Y’all Tryna Make A N***a Wear Dat Jacket I’m Too Fly Fa Dat Shit Homie

Mandii B of the Whoreible Decisions podcast recently discussed Latto’s comments on a new episode. According to her sources, it wasn’t Kodak Black that caused headaches for Latto but Lil Wayne.

“To be fair, Latto did not confirm that it was actually Kodak,” Mandii B said before hesitating to reveal who she heard is the culprit. “I will say, the tea I got — so I don’t even know if I can share this tea but it’s old now. I actually heard it was Wayne, from someone that knows him.”

Weezy F. Baby appears on the single, “Sunshine” alongside Childish Gambino on Latto’s 777. Thus far, Latto nor Lil Wayne have addressed whether there is any validity to these comments.

Check Mandii B’s comments below.

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