Lil Reese Responds To Perkio Over 6ix9ine Meet-Up


Perkio recently hopped on his Instagram live, clearing up a video posted by Tekashi 6ix9ine, where Perkio is seen visibly uncomfortable while receiving a gift from the Dummy Boy rapper. In the video, 6ix9ine approaches Perkio to put a jacket on his back, emblazoned with a large image of the late artist, King Von. The video quickly went viral due to the ongoing beef between 6ix9ine and Durk, Perkio’s namesake, and both fans and fellow artists had a lot to say about it and what it means.

6ix9ine captioned the video, “@lildurk I had a gift for the bro [heart] @kingvonfrmdao your n***as ain’t never gon slide but they definitely rep you all day on tshirts.” We later received other angles from the filmed meet-up, including the time leading up to the event, as Perkio wanted to prove that he was actually tricked into meeting with 6ix9ine in the first place.

6ix9ine lil durk beef
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Celebrities like rapper 42 Dugg called 6ix9ine “lame” and a “rat” for posting the awkward video in the first place.

42 Dugg wrote: “I hate when b*tch ass n*ggas do hoe sh*t to good people rat ass n*ggas involving white boys in street sh*t n*ggas be lames and hoes n*ggas couldn’ve pulled up on so many other n*ggas they a pull up on a kid with nothing to do wit nothing. Y’all can never expect Ah non street person to understand the streets.”

Reese soon joined Dugg in speaking out following the viral moment, targeting Perkio for slipping. He wrote on his Instagram story, “tell dude change his name and die his hair pink [clown face emoji] that’s [why] you can’t show no love f**k em all.”

Check out Lil Reese’s post below.

In related Reese drama, the rapper recently got into a little spat with Brittany Renner which ended in the IG model exposing his unanswered DMs.

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