Kodak Black Thinks Voting Out Trump Is “Worst Thing That America Could Have Did”


Kodak Black‘s recent album Back For Everything saw a musical revival of the polarizing South Florida rap icon. 

However, this success may not have been possible if he were not pardoned from prison by Donald Trump during the last week of his presidency. Yak has always been grateful for this gift from Trump, and has been publicly endorsing him and Make America Great Again ever since.

Whether it be having dreams about Trump and professing his love for him, pushing for him to be put back in office or repping MAGA hats, Kodak is infatuated with Donald Trump.

This past week, Kodak expressed his fandom of Trump again, as he visited the Nelk boys, a viral group of young influencers, on their Full Send podcast. When asked about his love for Trump, Kodak explained that he aims to pay back the favor Trump did for him: “I gotta show support. I’m forever [indebted] to that boy.”

Yak continued by saying that the United States voting Trump out of office and replacing him with president Joe Biden was the worst thing the country could have done: “Getting rid of Trump was the worst thing that America could have did.”

It remains to be seen whether or not Trump will run for president again in 2024, but if he does, he can be sure he’ll have outstanding support from Kodak Black.

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