Kid Cudi Makes Young Fan’s Day With Phone Call: “Sendin Mad Love!”


We love a feel-good moment in Hip Hop, and this one arrives courtesy of Kid Cudi. When most of the world thinks of rappers, they often bring up stereotypes that don’t speak to the personalities of each artist. Rappers are thought of as rich, angry, and violent, but overall, most artists are just living life and enjoying the fruits of their labor. Kid Cudi is a favorite who takes time to make his supporters feel special, so when a young fan wanted to speak with him one-on-one, he didn’t hesitate to hop on a phone call.

“Today my son told me he needs @KiDCuDi phone number so he can call him & tell him he loves his music [single tear emoji][white heart emoji],” a woman tweeted. Cudi was made aware and issued a response.

Kid Cudi
Mike Coppola / Staff / Getty Images

“Ima DM u for ur number. I wanna talk to lil homie [smiling emoji],” the rapper replied. The mother returned and added that he son was “losing his mind” before she questioned, “Is this real life?”

It indeed was, and a little boy was able to connect with his favorite artist. After the call, Cudi added, “So great talkin w u Jackson! Cant wait to meet u lil man [fingers peace sign emoji][sparking heart emoji].”

Soon, Cudi fans from all over were in the rapper’s mentions looking for a phone call of their own. By the look of things, there may have been a few that also received conversations of their own.

Check it out below.

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