Kid Cudi Is Quitting Social Media


Kid Cudi says that he’s getting off of social media and letting his team run his accounts from now on in order to improve his mental health. Cudi announced his decision in a tweet, Saturday night, admitting that the “trolls” had taken their toll. 

“I’m turnin’ off all comments on IG for all posts,” he wrote. “And I’m thinkin’ about gettin off IG all together, honestly. Think I’ma just keep my Twitter. And I’m only gonna do that cuz I have to. I really wanna get off all socials.”

Kid Cudi
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Cudi has stepped away from social media. In fact, Cudi explained in his posts on Sunday that interacting directly with his fans helped improve his mental health initially.

“There’s a lot of love out there for me, which is why I got back on socials, but some of the shit I see, the trolls, I don’t need to see that shit. For my mental,” he wrote.

Cudi added that his latest post, a selfie with the simple caption, “hi,” will be his last.

“So I think that pic is my last post. From here on out I’ma have my team make posts,” he wrote. “I love y’all. This was fun. Until it wasn’t.”

Check out Cudi’s tweets below.

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