Kelly Rowland Reacts To Video Of Little Girls Being Ignored At Sesame Palace


Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for celebrities to chime in on viral issues. Whether it’s topics concerning politics, body positivity, or even drama, people in the industry aren’t afraid to use their voices. Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny’s Child, took that route earlier today.

A video has been trending online of two little girls attending Sesame Place. As they stood in street and watched the parade, a character from the show, whose name is Rosita, began approaching them. Walking slowly, the muppet acknowledged everyone and gave out high-fives as she passed by.

Dania Maxwell/Getty Images

However, when she got near the small children, who had their arms stretched out wide anticipating a hug, she shook her head and waved her finger to decline them the opportunity. Almost instantly, confusion grew on one of the girls’ faces as she wondered why she had been ignored.

Thousands of people have viewed the somber video– one being Kelly, who decided to speak out. She posted a video on Instagram and started it by saying, “Had that been me… that whole parade would have been in flames.”

With her head cocked to the side, she questioned, “Like, are you serious? You’re not going to speak to my child?” She ended her rant by stating that the young child with the disappointed expression deserved an explanation.

The mother of the children has spoken out about the matter, being sure to express her utter frustration. “I am pissed off! Please believe I will not be quiet about this blatant disrespect to my babies,” she shared on social media. Sesame Place has reached out to her in hopes of resolving the matter, and she’s longing for a public apology as a result of public the discourtesy.

What are your views on this situation?

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