Kehlani Responds To Christian Walker Calling Them Out After Starbucks Encounter


As former football star Herschel Walker’s controversial takes and attempts at the Georgia senate make twists and turns in the political arena, his son, Christian Walker, is back creating chaos. The younger Walker blossomed under quarantine as a TikTok influencer who gave impassioned hot takes regarding his anti-Black, anti-liberal, anti-LGBTQIA+, pro-Trump, pro-far right opinions. He has continued to grow his following despite the ongoing backlash that he has faced on multiple social media platforms, and apparently, Walker recently had a run-in with Kehlani at a Starbucks.

It was an interaction that could have gone unknown to the public, but in true Christian Walker fashion, he aired out the exchange online. According to Walker, Kehlani told the baristas that he was the “asshole from TikTok,” so he took out his phone and confronted the singer as they sat in their car.

In the video, Kehlani kept their composure as Walker criticized them, and later, he added a few more thoughts on Instagram.

“I was just listening to a Kehlani song yesterday. Sister girl didn’t know who she was dealing with,” he wrote. “Don’t let the givenchy and smile fool you, I will step out of the car.” The singer’s fans interpreted Walker’s message as a veiled threat and swiftly came to their defense.

Meanwhile, Kehlani has offered their side of the story.

“Gotta let the fools, fool,” they said. “I would like to end this with- I was on a virtual therapy session that entire time. therapy works babes i’m proof.” After The Shade Room posted about the encounter Kehlani returned to add, “Couldn’t give him what he wanted. gotta pray for folks!”

“He was circling the starbucks for 10 minutes losing his mind into his phone behind me, I told the starbucks folks he was approaching with his camera out about to continue. it wasn’t this deep [crying laughing emoji].”

Swipe to check it all out below.


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