Kanye West Under Fire For Pete Davidson In “Eazy” Video


It’s been a chaotic two months for Kanye West. The rapper’s divorce proceedings and the headlines surrounding Kim Kardashian‘s relationship with Pete Davidson have turned into a social media spectacle, one where Ye refers to the SNL comedian as “Skete.” It reached a new height when Ye called out Pete by name on the single, “Eazy” with The Game where he raps, “God saved me from the crash/ Just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” 

Lars Niki/Getty Images 

Shortly after a judge ruled in favor of Kim’s request to be declared legally single, Kanye West and The Game offered the claymation visuals for their collaborative single. It’s a rather bleak visual overall but there’s one scene, in particular, that’s caused an uproar. As the visual syncs up with the Pete Davidson bar, a claymation Ye is seen kidnapping and burying an animated version of the comedian alive.

As you could imagine, people weren’t entirely thrilled about the scene. Some described it as disturbing while others continued to slam Ye for threatening and harassing the Staten Island comedian.

This certainly doesn’t help Kanye’s case, in both divorce court and the court of public opinion. He’s already faced scrutiny for publicly harassing Kim Kardashian with numerous social media posts, which she has since brought up in court.

Twitter was in dismay over Kanye and The Game’s music video. Check out a few reactions below.

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