Kanye West To Testify In Fired Employee’s Fraud Trial


Kanye West may have to testify in the trial of a former employee who was charged with wire fraud. According to the Chicago Tribune, Ye and his legal team have been called to testify in the trial of Arjun Dhillon, one of his former employees who was accused of attempting to swindle $250K from a rich philanthropist.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Dhillon’s attorneys issued subpoenas to Pryor Cashman LLP, the firm representing Ye, to call the artist to the witness stand. However, Sheldon Zenner, one of Dhillon’s lawyers, said that West hasn’t received the notice and Cashman, along with other firms, have “have so far refused to accept service.”

The case surrounds allegations that Dhillon was “falsely representing his association with Kanye West to secure a $250,000 payment” from a wealthy donor. While Ye was initially referred to as “Musician A,” a newly approved motion unveiled the artist’s name in order to prevent bias among the jury surrounding his presence at the trial.

Dhillon, who was “briefly affiliated” with Ye before being fired in 2018, was charged with wire fraud. He allegedly created fake emails to convince the victim of his affiliation to Ye, claiming that the Donda artist was willing to donate to the donor’s philanthropic campaign if they paid up $250K for the artist’s studio design.

The money was transferred before being flagged by the bank. Dhillon eventually managed to convince the bank of his affiliation to Ye but the victim’s bank managed to stop the wire.

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