Kanye West Kills & Buries Pete Davidson Alive In New Video For “EAZY”


Kanye West does not like Pete Davidson, and that is probably never going to change. The comedian is currently dating Kim Kardashian, and prior to the release of DONDA 2, Kanye was all over Instagram with some pretty disparaging remarks about the man. Kanye was referring to Pete as “Skete” Davidson, and at times, there were some pretty overt references to violent actions.

With all of that being said, Kanye eventually calmed his hatred down a bit, however, it is starting to creep all the way back up again. This was made evident in Kanye and The Game’s new music video for “EAZY” which was released earlier today.

Kanye West
Victor Boyko/Getty Images For Kenzo

As you can see in the clip down below, West is burying Pete alive throughout the video, and it is all depicted in claymation. The overall tone of the video is extremely dark, and it all begins with West kidnapping Davidson, who was simply standing around and smoking a cigarette. At the end of the video, Ye says that “everyone lived happily ever after, except Skete.” This is then followed up with the declaration that Kanye was simply joking, and that Pete is doing just fine.

Kanye’s visuals are always incredibly interesting, and this video is no exception to that rule. With Pete’s likeness being used here, however, Kanye could be opening himself up to some problems.


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