Kanye West In Unreleased “Slow Jamz” BTS Footage


Kanye West has been everywhere this month. Last week, the highly anticipated sequel to 2021’s Donda finally dropped, although most have not necessarily bought the Yeezy stem player to listen to the album. In the midst of the album rollout, Netflix has unveiled new episodes from the three-part documentary Jeen-Yuhs. The documentary showcases Kanye’s early days as a producer to his transition to a bonafide superstar.

Mark Mainz/Getty Images

The third and final installment of the documentary will debut on Wednesday and TIME Magazine just shared an unreleased clip from the “Slow Jamz” music video shoot. The three-minute snippet offers insight into the difficulties in bringing the vision to life. Kanye argues with several members of the production crew, as well as the directors, in an attempt to be heard.

At one point, Kanye asks for a specific record player that wasn’t on set. The director asks an assistant to get one before Kanye reiterates the exact type that he was looking for. “Yeah, I just heard the explanation literally,” the assistant said.

“The thing is you could say that but then she just heard the explanation yesterday,” Kanye responded, pointing to producer Laura Keseric, “and it didn’t mean anything. So I’m going to keep repeating myself over and over and over. Y’all are forcing me to be the asshole.”

Over the course of the clip, Kanye gets into it with other members of the crew and at one point, admits that he’s “spazzing” as someone tries to interrupt his conversation. Peep the clip below.

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