Kanye West Hit With $7 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Concert Fees


Kanye West is someone who has always provided his fans with unique concert experiences. In order to get these concerts together, Kanye has oftentimes partnered with production companies that can bring his vision to life. One production company that Ye has used in the past is none other than Phantom Labs.

Unfortunately, Phantom Labs is now suing Kanye, according to Complex. As the story goes, Phantom Labs is accusing Ye of not paying his $7.1 million tab. The company worked with Ye on his “Free Larry Hoover” concert, a DONDA 2 event, and even his canceled Coachella set. In the lawsuit, the company explains that Kanye was paying his bills at first, however, he eventually stopped.

Kanye West
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Originally, Kanye’s bill was for $6 million but Phantom Labs ultimately got hit with a $1.1 million penalty for canceling the Coachella set. In the lawsuit, Phantom Labs is hoping to get all of its money back. As of right now, Kanye has yet to comment on the matter.

This lawsuit is awfully similar to the one that Ye is facing from David Casavant archive. The fashion brand is currently suing Kanye for $400K in unpaid rental fees. Just like the Phantom Labs lawsuit, DCA is saying that Kanye was paying his fees at first, however, he eventually stopped altogether and the company was unable to recoup.

This is a developing story so stay tuned to HNHH for updates.

Kanye West
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