K.Milli Da God – King Kong @KMillidagod

K.Milli Da God talks about his strength and how he beats all odd against him. He refers to his strength and ability as having an “King Kong” complex.
K.Milli Da God’s Biography: K.Milli Da God is an American Rap artist from Columbus, Ohio, He arouse unto the scene early 2012 and have since produced hits like Wanna Fuck, Beat That Kat, War, Hot Boy Freestyle and more. Born D’Angelo NaJee Cosper on September 27, 1996 to mother Fateama Cosper-Fisher in Youngstown Ohio. He graduated from The Graham School in 2015 and went on to signing with Beatroot Music under Made In Memphis umbrella. there he released hits like Buss It, Tell Me and On Sight and more after agreeing to depart way with the label. K.Milli Da God later would sign to VerseOne Media, LLC where he would release his mix-tape Daddy (Call Him Daddy) and his latest debut Rich Hustler.

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