K. Michelle Says She’s Been Flashing Fans For Years


K. Michelle has never been one to care what people thought about her. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star made headlines yesterday after giving her fans a peek at her breasts while performing in Houston, Texas.

Singing her single “Can You Stand the Rain,” the 36-year-old singer pulled down her top for a quick second to further entertain the crowd. Gasps filled the air followed by applause as K. Michelle continued on with her performance as though nothing happened.

This Girls Gone Wild moment had social media in a frenzy, though. Thousands of users on platforms questioned the artist’s actions and simply wanted to know why she did it.

k. michelle
Leon Bennett/Getty Images

It didn’t take too long for the Memphis native to come to Twitter to defend herself. She tweeted, “What the f**k is for you to understand. I’ve been on MY STAGE, flashing MY FANS, for over 6 years now every show. If you have never been there or understand that’s your problem not mine. Now do you understand that?”

To further shut up the naysayers, she tweeted, “When will they understand IDC if they get it. I get it… I don’t take in suggestions or opinions on who Kimberly IS or should be.”

The singer has never been ashamed of her body. After admitting to having botched surgeries, K. joined Lifetime Network to star in the show, My Killer Body with K. Michelle. In the series, she tells of the process of getting her butt injections removed and urges women of the negative effects of body surgery.

Check out the video of her spicy performance down below.


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