Joyner Lucas Deletes Tweets About MGK & Lollapalooza, Says He Was Hacked


Worcester, Massachusetts-based hip-hop artist Joyner Lucas went on a rant this week about his placement on the Lollapalooza lineup card, complaining that he was placed so low despite being one of the most successful independent artists of the last few years. The rapper said that the festival offered him a minuscule pay-out for his performance and after he declined, they still included him on the lineup. Then, he claimed he would not be performing and dissed Machine Gun Kelly, calling the Lolla headliner “goofy.”

After causing a tornado of reactions with his Twitter rant, the 33-year-old artist backtracked, deleting all of the tweets and claiming that his account was taken over by Russian hackers, which sounds like the most ridiculous excuse he could have used.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“Them Damn Russian hackers dun hacked my phone yesterday smh,” tweeted Joyner after the damage was done. It’s unclear if he’s being sarcastic or trolling with this response, but it feels unlikely that Russian hackers would target Joyner Lucas and diss Machine Gun Kelly on his behalf. That just sounds ludicrous.

The rapper was previously livid that his name was written so small on the festival’s lineup announcement, complaining that he needed a magnifying glass to find his billing. If anybody was going to Lollapalooza to see Joyner Lucas, it’s likely that he will not be performing after this fiasco.

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