Joe Budden Teases Nicki Minaj Interview


Joe Budden and Nicki Minaj have a bumpy history as far as their relationship goes, but according to a teaser video from their upcoming interview, they may have been able to put aside their differences and sit down for a calm and collected conversation on the former’s podcast.

“You know, once anybody has success with anything, it seems like everybody just jumps on that sound,” the mother of one explained to Budden in a brief clip he shared to Instagram on Tuesday, March 1st. “Even if they may not have even liked it, it might be people behind them telling them to do it.”

Minaj continued explaining her point, “Once you do that, and once you do it a couple times, who then are you? We’ve now forgotten who you are,” she emphasized. “I don’t think that people realize that. If you jump on every trend, you become faceless.”

“It’s like,” she began again, before pausing to collect her thoughts and let out a deep sigh. “This is a deep point,” Budden chimed in. “Yeah,” Minaj responded. “It’s important. It’s important people know this!”

The quick clip is some of the first audio footage we’ve heard from Minaj and Budden’s most recent conversation and seeing as they’ve been known to sometimes violently bicker on-air, it’s much more relaxed than we were anticipating, although that doesn’t mean things won’t take a turn when the full conversation is released.

Check out some of Nicki Minaj and Joe Budden’s most hilarious interview moments below.

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