Joe Budden Says He Did Not Physically Abuse Cyn Santana

Joe Budden was quick to clap back at a hater who claimed that he used to beat Cyn Santana’s “ass.”

The Neighborhood Talk reposted a video of Joe Budden showing off Cyn Santana, claiming, “I’m getting inspired, I’m speaking up for the baby daddies,” before panning to his co-parenting partner Santana, calling her his “king’s mom,” ending with a shout-out from their son. The video nonetheless spurred the ire of at least one commenter, who left a hate-fueled response, saying that this was the “least” Budden could do, considering he “used to beat her a**.”

Budden replied to the comment, “the irony in ‘loveblackpower’ spreading this type of lie on a Black man raising his kids and healthily co-parenting. Be blessed tho.”

joe budden cyn santana 2017
Thaddaeus McAdams/Getty Images

Back in 2021, Santana had accused Budden of physically abusing, “chasing” and “dragging” her, just weeks after Tahiry Jones came forward accusing Budden of domestic abuse during their relationship.

Budden addressed the Jones situation in one of his podcast episodes, claiming Jose is a “cancerous, toxic liar.” Budden had yet to make an official comment in regards to Santana. Though he didn’t say too much, he made it clear to Twitter that the allegations wouldn’t break him.

Users argued in the comments over whether or not Budden is telling the truth. “Ummm you got a history though Joe,” one user commented. “People always have something negative to say when they see people doing good,” another user commented.

Check out the post below and let us know what you think.

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