Joe Budden Dragged By The BTS Army


At this point, everyone should know that if you’re going to go after a music act, make sure it isn’t BTS. The K-Pop group is one of the biggest acts in the entire world, and their fanbase is easily one of the largest in the world. They are extremely passionate, and if they see any sort of slander on social media, they will make sure to go after the person responsible.

Well, it turns out that Joe Budden did not get that memo as he went on the latest edition of his podcast and made some unsavory remarks about the group. Budden said that he hated them for pretty well no reason, and he even said they were from China when they are actually from South Korea.

“I don’t want to hear that shit,” Budden said. “I don’t want to see them dance moves. I don’t want to see you come down in the sky in a little umbrella. I don’t want to see want to see your four fuckin’ co-tees come from the audience and link up like Voltron and do all of the 98 Degrees moves. I don’t want to see it.”

After making the comments, Joe took to Twitter where he said that he couldn’t believe he was getting bullied for his music opinions. That’s when Budden got ratio’d into oblivion by the BTS Army. Joe became a trending topic on Twitter, and the BTS fans were not kind to him, whatsoever.

As you can see in the tweets below, many fans called Budden washed up, while others admonished him for calling BTS Chinese. Needless to say, today was not a good day to be Joe Budden on Twitter.

Either way, let this be a warning to those who dare mess with the BTS Army. It’s better you just leave them alone.


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