Jeen-Yuhs ACT 3


As Jeen-Yuhs comes to an end this episode brings fans closer to today’s Kanye West, with everything that’s happened over the past few years things become more clear into why Kanye West started acting out more than being himself, “I’m playing a role” he said in episode 3.

It’s clear from episode 3 that the passing of his mother hit Kanye hard like it would most of us but with the fame and the spotlight being on him 24/7 it had a lot to deal with and this may very well have contributed to his mental health breakdowns over the years.

Kanye has always been very outspoken and a very out-there person but it’s clear that with his mother’s passing Kanye lost a part of himself, they were close and you could tell she helped him stay grounded in the world of the Hollywood lifestyle and global fame.

This episode felt different, more of a burning fuse and waiting for Kanye to say something crazy as we all expect of him nowadays, it’s a great closing to a great documentary.

Could we see a Jeen-Yuhs part 2? Who knows but we already know fans would welcome it.


R.I.P. Donda West.

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