Jadakiss Thinks DMX Would’ve “Loved” Watching The LOX & Dipset “Verzuz”


It’s hard to believe that a whole year has passed since the passing of DMX. The rapper passed away on April 9th, 2021 after suffering from a coma. Fans, friends, and peers in the industry mourned his loss, reflecting on his legacy as a titan in hip-hop, and entertainment at large. But no matter how big of a figure DMX became, it was his fierce lyricism and energy that fans hold close to their hearts.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

BET recently caught up with Jadakiss who shared some of his fondest memories of X. He discussed an unreleased song called “Gotta Keep on Keeping It Up I Gotta Get On,” which he recorded alongside X before joining Ruff Ryders.

“That was one of our first symphonies or posse tracks that we did with X when we was all figuring it out right before everything popped with Ruff Ryders. We were supposed to redo it and put it out after we all commercially signed and got in the game, but we never put it out. But it’s still one of my favorite ones just because it brings me back to a time when we was all trying to figure it out. The name of the song and the hook is, “I gotta keep on keepin’ on. I gotta get on.” It’s just hot. Fortunately, we was all able to get on and for it never to be released it was like it was spoken to fruition. It was like a silent blessing.”

Jada also said that X would’ve been proud of The LOX for how they came at Verzuz last summer since X came from a similar background.

“I think X would have loved it,” he said. That right there, Verzuz is what we came from and that’s why it was so easy for us to do that. We started out in that same element together. We actually learned that shit from him. He rocked many a stage with two turntables and a DJ and just him with a mic in a black hoodie, black, dark glasses, and black Timberlands and just rip shit with no words, just instrumentals. We really really got that kind of shit from him. He would have been damn proud of us. He would have been in the crowd going crazy.”


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