J. Cole Interviewer Roasted For Looking Into His Soul During CEBL Post-Game


J. Cole is currently playing in the Canadian Elite Basketball League for the Scarborough Shooting Stars. This is J. Cole’s second professional basketball stint and he seems to be enjoying his time in the league. Drake got to see him play a few days ago and in his last game, Cole was enjoying some success from beyond the arc as he made back-to-back threes.

In the Instagram post below, you can see the shots that Cole made, and clearly, he is very proud of himself. After all, he is living out one of his dreams right now and it is definitely impressive to see, even if he isn’t a star on the team.

After his last game, Cole was interviewed about being in the league and how he feels about it all. As he told the interviewer, the team has welcomed him with open arms and he is just happy to be shedding light on the league that is still very much in its infancy. Cole did note that he will have to leave the team for his tour soon, however, he does hope to be back eventually.

As for the interviewer, many in the comments section in the post below were quick to point out that she was looking very intently at Cole. For instance, the comments were lined with remarks such as “The way she looking at bro!!” and “I Need A Woman Who Looks At Me Like How She Lookin @ Cole… Lol.” Of course, the truth is she was probably just trying to stay professional and show her subject that she is interested in what he had to say, however, the internet had to turn it into something else.

Either way, it is cool to see Cole playing basketball at a high level right now, especially when you consider the impact he has made in music.


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