Gillie Da King Has A Word Of Warning For Rick Ross


Gillie Da Kid and Rick Ross have been embroiled in a pretty heated beef as of late. A few months ago, Ross came out and called Gillie a fraud following his explanation of an event that allegedly transpired with Lil Wayne. Clearly, Ross doesn’t care much for the artist and podcast host, but we digress. This eventually led to a scathing rant from Gillie on his podcast, “Million Dollaz Worth of Game.” In the clip below, he even goes after Ross’ farm animals, which some people felt was a bit odd.

“These old n-ggs, they don’t hear the roar of the crowd no more, and they still think the world gon’ come back so they be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb shit,” Gillie said. “‘I just bought a cow’ and all this dumb. … You know I was gonna bake you n-gga, I seen you in them comments n-gga, you knew I was gonna bake your goofy ass.”

Following the virality of this clip, Ross came through with a response of his own. For instance, Ross claimed that he was actually going to start a podcast. He even went on to say that he spends more on his cows than some people do their loved ones. If you read between the lines, it seems clear that Ross is taking a shot at his new adversary.

“Fellas, fellas, let me give you the real game. When I spend more money on my cows’ huffs than you do on your wife and kids every month, you should be — take notes,” Ross said.

Today, Gillie Da Kid took to Instagram with a wild 3-minute takedown of Ross, where he goes off on the rapper for continuously sneak-dissing him. Gillie hit Ross with a whole slew of insults, and it seems quite obvious that the legendary rapper struck a nerve.

“Listen, man I’m only gonna tell you this one time Ross,” Gillie said. “You better stop fucking playing with me man, you hear me? And mind your business man, because you went on the Instagram page commenting about me calling me out my name for no motherfucking reason at all and this how this motherfucker started. So I’m gonna tell you again, man. Leave me the fuck alone man.”

From here, Gillie went off on Ross for his deleted verse on the song “U.O.E.N.O” where he raps about slipping something into a women’s drink. Gillie felt the line was offensive and he believes it was a strong indication of Ross’ character. He then went on to say that Ross is close to having a heart attack and that he should lay off the chicken wings.

“Ain’t you the n-gga that, ‘I put molly all in her drink, she ain’t even know it?’ God damn Ricky Raper,” Gillie continued. “Stop talking about money man, cause money don’t un-lame a lame. There’s a lot of sucker-ass n-ggas out here with money and you on the list. Matter of fact, you the captain of the suckers with money association of America, and we ain’t impressed.”

This beef is hitting a boiling point, and it remains uncertain as to whether or not Ross will respond.

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