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Tell the people about yourself. 

My name is Patrick Mazara, professionally known as Zara616 and I am a producer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am known for my work with artists : YN Jay, Baby Money, Jdot Breezy, Baby Smoove and more.

Growing up I always had a connection to music whether it was through singing or dancing and I knew I wanted find a way to express myself through it. Initially, I started off as a rapper named Young Zara and I’d love free-styling however the process of making actual songs bore me. I’d love to just sit and listen to beats. I had a close friend Pablo616 who produces and one day I asked him to watch him cook up. I was in awe how by just clicking in patterns and choosing the right sounds you could make anything you wanted and it fascinated me. That’s where it all started.

Do you have any tips for producers? 

My tip to producers is to stick with it if you really want it and to understand that just like with musicians, building a name and networking matters. Set up a BMI or ASCAP for your publishing, be genuine and expect nothing in return, don’t sit and do nothing with your beats because what you may not like usually ends up being what people love and what blows you up so create a beat store, I recommend Airbit. Finally, don’t be afraid to reach out to artists, it’s better than to try than not.

How long have you been producing music?

I’ve been producing for about a year now.

What are your music goals? 

My main goal is to make an impact in the producing community by spreading knowledge on the game and how to grow in it. As for artists I’d want to work with, I’d love to work with : Lil Durk, Kehlani, Tyler the Creator, Babyface Ray, and Don Toliver to name a few. I also definitely want to produce for all kinds of genres such as Afropop, and R&B as well.

Who or what inspires you to create your beats? 

Definitely Pablo616, I’ll never be able to express how grateful I am for him introducing me to producing. What inspires me though is the capability to give someone a platform to express their feelings on. I find it validating to have someone who takes music seriously choose your beat, make a whole song off of it, and trust that the song is good enough to release especially knowing that there’s many points in which your beat could’ve been thrown out. I also am inspired by the idea of creating someone’s favorite song one day and having my production be one of the reasons they love it.

We had to ask… who are your top 5 producers? 

I gotta go with Kanye, Pharrell, 40 (Noah Shebib), Jetsonmade, and Wheezy but big shoutout to Go Grizzly, Reuel StopPlaying, PoohYouAFool, OG Parker and Wayne616! Those boys have been on fire.

Where can people contact you & find your beats?

Check out my airbit at

For any inquiries email me at

Your twitter & IG @‘s.

Twitter : @zarabeats

Instagram : @zarabeats_

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