Fredo Bang Calls Out Boosie Badazz


Boosie Badazz and his cousin, Fredo Bang, haven’t always had the greatest relationship. In fact, when they first met, Boosie apparently gave Fredo the wrong phone number to prevent the rapper from contacting him. In recent months, it seems as though things have been going smoother for the two, but after Fredo got removed from an upcoming performance with Boosie and Webbie in Georgia, the “Most Hated” rapper seemingly called out Boosie for taking him off the lineup.

Promoting a bunch of his upcoming shows, Fredo Bang posted a promotional poster from a concert he was scheduled to perform with Boosie and Webbie and revealed that he was removed from the lineup for a mysterious reason. He later shared direct messages with an anonymous source, who shares around the same number of followers as Boosie’s most recent account on Instagram, calling him out for taking money off his plate.

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“They Kicked Me Off This Show, But That’s What Happens When You The Most Hated,” said Fredo Bang on Instagram. “Real N***as Don’t Stop Other N***as Money, No Matter How Much They Don’t Like Em.”

Fredo went on to promote a second upcoming show with Webbie, which does not appear to have been canceled, before sharing his alleged DMs with Boosie.

“Dam blood u taking food out my mouth?” he asked. “U can’t do a show with me on it?”

It has not been confirmed that Boosie is the reason that Fredo Bang was booted from the lineup, but that definitely seems to be what the rapper is implying in his posts. What do you think? Check them out below.

Screenshots via @fredobang on Instagram
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