Exxo KB – Shuntrel (Album) @King_Chic_


This project is just me knocking on the door. The songs on this album are the hot box freestyles that really let the listeners know about me and my journey to this destination as an upcoming artist. I gave up my first love (football) for this dream and all the days I lost hope, all the times my own family ain’t believe in me and all the times doubted my self, This album is what kept me moving through the dark and making light of the negative. Nowadays, all it takes is a catchy beat or hook, some autotune, and sounding like another hot artist.

I wanted this album to show the world that Exxo KB is really here.

These songs are all raw audio, no autotune. I don’t wanna be known as just a rapper, I wanna be known for my versatility, originality, and my own approach to the game. I don’t care too much about the money, I just love this and wanna do it til I’m R.I.P.

Apple link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/shuntrel/1590056991

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