Doja Cat Shares Photo Of Her Sore Throat In Bizarre Instagram Post


Doja Cat, aside from her masterful pop rap hits, has always been known for her peculiar activity of Instagram and other social medias. Whether it be almost accidentally reveling her new boyfriend on an Instagram Live session, making a goofy country remix of Brent Faiyaz’s 2016 hit “Lovely,” or just uploading bewildering selfies, she has always been unpredictable.

Now, she’s back at it again. On Saturday (March12), as she took the time to post of attractive selfies of her rocking sleek sunglasses, she interrupted the thirst traps with a sickly image of her mouth wide open. She claimed she had strep throat, as she opened wide to post an Instagram story of her throat: “I have strep throat you can’t take me ANYwhere.”

While it is clear as day there her throat is sore and irritated, she could have simply just mentioned to her fans that she was dealing with strep instead of letting them see for themselves.

Either way, as she prepares for her upcoming worldwide tour with The Weeknd, this new posting spree just adds on to the already-long list of head-scratching social media moves from Doja Cat.

While you can complain though, you cannot deny that Doja is just being herself, which happens to be an, at times, bizarre person.

Check out Doja Cat’s nasty case of strep throat below.

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