DJ Khaled Lookalike Goes Viral

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - JUNE 23: DJ Khaled poses for a portrait during the BET Awards 2019 at Microsoft Theater on June 23, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET)

A fan ran into a DJ Khaled look-alike at Waffle House late Sunday night, and the similarity between the two is shocking. Instagram user @st.mark85 shared a hilarious video he calls “Drunk nights at Waffle House,” where he’s seemingly saying what’s up to DJ Khaled.

Liquor or not, the fan definitely wasn’t seeing things, as the look-alike is extremely similar to the “I’m On One” producer. The fan then began to approach the look-alike and documented their amusing interaction in the process. “Aye f*ck that,” the fan laughingly says as he begins recording himself. “Y’all don’t see Khaled in y’all motherf*ckin Waffle House,” he continues while panning the camera to the doppelgänger. “Hey bro, hit ’em with that shit,” he tells the look-alike. The man then looks straight into the camera and perfectly delivers the signature phrase: “Another one.”
As the user’s post went viral, it was revealed that at first glance, many people were fooled by the look-alike as well. “(laughing emojis) I thought it really was him…,” one user commented. “No way that’s not Khaled lol,” someone else said. Other users even began commenting that the poster himself is a Kendrick Lamar look-alike. “My boy Kendrick Lamar thooo (laughing emoji), one user wrote.”Kendrick meets Khaled!,” someone else commented.

A plethora of laughing emojis continues to fill up the comment section of the original post as users can’t get enough of this hilarious interaction. It’s unclear if the fan actually knew it was only a look-alike he was meeting, but either way he seemed happy about it.

Celebrity dopplegangers seem to be in abundance these days. From the Drake look-alike who celebrated the “God’s Plan” rapper’s actual birthday, to the woman who went viral last year for being Cardi B’s twin, we’ve seen it all. Last we heard, the real DJ Khaled was cooking up his new album, but maybe the look-alike can assist him with that too.

Who knows, maybe DJ Khaled’s parents have some explaining to do.

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