Diego, Flip Da Flippa, Ladii Rose – Twork @LUSHGOD1 @diegomusicpromo


Overall Impression: The newly released Hip Hop track TWORK by DIEGO & Flip Da Flippa Feat. Ladii Rose stands up with a fearless attitude and carnivorous energy. Containing the weight of a sledgehammer, TWORK opens with a heavy beat that clears the stage. The whole track flows together easily with an intensity that can be felt from far away. When the beat kicks out, Diego fills in the gaps with a machine gun-like rap. He uses his time behind the mic to show his unstoppability and makes a solid impression. Ladii Rose handles her verse with a savage energy and untouchable delivery. She adds a balance to the track that takes it to a much higher level. This is not Rap for the faint-of-heart or easily intimidated. Overall, TWORK by DIEGO & Flip Da Flippa Feat Ladii Rose rises from the ashes, hits hard, and throws down.

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