Denzel Curry Says Kanye West Has “Earned The Right To Talk His Sh*t”


There has been a lull from Kanye West in recent weeks following his explosive social media posts. The superstar rapper took over timelines for months as he waged verbal war against Pete Davidson while airing out his frustrations over his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Now that the tension has subsided and the hype around Donda 2’s release has dissipated, West’s fans are awaiting more news about what the billionaire mogul is working on next.

The jeen-yuhs Netflix documentary about West has also been yet another hit for the music icon as well as directors Chike Ozah and Coodie Simmons, and the feature has seemed to motivate others in the industry. Rappers have been particularly affected by the release, including Florida’s standout Denzel Curry.

Denzel Curry
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images

Curry recently released his praised Melt My Eyez, See Your Future project and in an interview with Pitchfork, the rapper spoke about gaining a deeper understanding of West after watching jeen-yuhs.

“I seen all three parts of jeen-yuhs. The doc humanized Kanye for me,” said Curry. “I’m watching him get shit on as a rapper and it reminded me of the times I’ve been sh*t on as a rapper because people don’t take me seriously. Watching it happen to someone as great as Kanye West made me realize he persevered through that shit. He earned the right to talk his sh*t. It taught me a lot about being overconfident.”

“I’m not always the most confident person unless I know it’s something I can stand behind. If I have to perform, I know I’ll blow these other niggas out the water because they can’t perform. But when it comes to my music itself, I’m not as confident because I don’t know what people will gravitate toward. Two of my three biggest hits [“Ultimate” and “Clout Cobain”] happened by accident and one of them [“Ricky”] happened on purpose.”
“I can be discouraged because I know my music is good, but someone might be like, ‘Oh, you one of them rapping n*ggas, huh?’ And that would discourage me. jeen-yuhs confirmed to me that I should be confident in my music no matter what, even if nobody wants to listen to it.”


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