Corey Taylor Calls Ye A “Moron” For $200 Stem Player


There’s no telling if Donda 2 will ever end up on streaming platforms. Kanye West announced earlier this year that the project would only be available through his stem player devices, which are selling for $200. There are plenty of fans that are willing to shell out that type of cash to listen to Ye’s latest project but not everybody is on board with it. Many have criticized Kanye for not making his latest project more accessible to the masses, including the frontman of Slipknot who called the Chicago artist a “moron.”

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During a conversation with Metro, Corey Taylor compared the stem player to releasing car pTarts to people and telling them they won a free car, only to build it themselves. “You’re assuming that the audience has the access and same technology that you have but you’re a f*****g moron for doing that. Are you serious? It doesn’t work that way. The thinking that that’s a smart thing to do just shows you how convoluted and off the f*****g property Kanye West really is,'” Taylor said. “When you’ve got that much money and that much people around you telling you exactly what you want to hear, your concept of reality just goes right out the f*****g window.”

Taylor suggested that it was a tone-deaf move on Kanye’s part, especially as people struggle with their everyday bills as society recovers from the pandemic and faces skyrocketing inflation. ” ‘People can’t afford their f*****g apartments for f***s sake. It’s not right.'” He added.

Many have declared Ye a genius for the move, but Taylor said that Slipknot “would be f*****g demonized” for pulling a similar move. “It’s such f*****g horses**t,'” he said of Ye’s method of releasing music.

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