Coi Leray & Pressa Broke Up So They Wouldn’t Distract Each Other On Their Come-Ups


Ahead of the release of her debut album Trendsetters this Friday, Coi Leray stopped by The Breakfast Club to chat about music, her growing relationship with her father, and life. During the interview, the “No More Parties” rapper confirmed the suspicions of her being single, and spoke about why she and Pressa broke up.

After the two rappers began dating last year, everyone was rooting for them and how well they complemented one another. A few months ago after a series of tweets from Leray seemingly directed at Pressa, there were rumors that the two had parted ways.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

During her interview today, Angela Yee addressed the topic, asking Leray “Are you still in your relationship?” Leray responded “No, I’m single,” which then began the conversation into what exactly happened.

“I love Pressa. I think he is amazing, he is a sweet man, We’re still great friends,” she begins. “As a new artist, I feel like it’s selfish of me to paint you to what I would want you to be, knowing you can’t right now.”

The rapper goes on to explain that since Pressa is “fresh out of Canada” coming to a new country with a new sound, he has to focus on building up his international appeal.

“Not only are you upcoming but you’re from Canada, coming into America. You have a different sound; you have an accent. You have to do a lot more things to make people gravitate towards you.”

In saying this, Coi Leray also notes that both of the rappers might serve as distractions to one another. Since they are both still building a name for themselves in the industry, their focus should be on their respective careers.

“And I might be a distraction, and you might be a distraction towards me right now ‘cause I’m still up and coming myself,” she said. “It came down to that. It was a lot of distractions and a lot of focus messing up, but for both of us.”

Despite their break-up, the two really are great friends. Coi Leray then begins to explain how happy she is that he’s grinding and doing better. She also proudly mentions how Pressa is currently on tour as well.

“Got out a relationship and hopped on tour, I think that’s fly,” Leray said.

Angela Yee even shared a story from a run-in she had with Pressa a while back. She noted that when they were discussing Yee wearing sweatpants at a concert, he brought up Leray, saying “that’s what I love about Coi man, she just be having on her sweats and chilling.”

“And you know maybe in the future,” she says with a school girl grin on her face.

Check out her full sit-down with The Breakfast Club below.

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