Charlamagne Condemns Tory Lanez


The Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez case has been an ongoing topic for nearly two years now. The incident that took place in July of 2020 has been making headlines more recently lately amid court hearings taking place. The most recent news regarding the incident comes after Lanez posted bail for $350,000 following a courthouse arrest regarding the matter.

As this news was breaking, radio host, Charlamagne, found out in real-time while filming Brilliant Idiots. As he sat in between comedian Andrew Schulz, and his best friend Wax, Charla glanced at his phone and read, “This just in… Torey Lanez was handcuffed in court and remanded into custody until he posts due bail of $350,000 in Megan Thee Stallion felony assault case. Judge found him in violation of discovery protective order and personal contact order.”

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Unsure of the details behind what he had read, the 43-year-old author assumed this was due to the singer’s overuse of social media to talk about the case. “Once again,” he started, “I don’t know when we’re going to realize, the things you do online can get you f*cked up offline.”

As the co-hosts chimed in agreement, he added, “It’s real life. We’ve got to stop saying Twitter is not real life. It’s real life people… Stop letting these people gas y’all the f*ck up. You don’t owe these people no explanation.”

As they began to read documents concerning the case, they found that the judge believed some of Tory’s tweets were aimed directly at Megan. Upon realizing this, Charlamagne shook his head and said, “You know what stinks? The face that the judge had to tell him that. Come on, you know what you’re up against. You know what you’re facing.”

Continuing their conversation, Schulz posed the question, “Did he do it or not?” A woman in the background quickly chimed in and said yes, which forced Charlamagne to accuse her of being biased.

“Stop saying that… None of us know.” he stated, “That’s why you’ve got to let things play out, and that’s why the court of opinion is so dangerous.”

To defend his point, he compared the act of jury duty in the past to now. “How can you be an unbiased juror in 2022? It’s not possible. There’s an opinion everywhere.”

The three men began to reflect on the role of jurors in the old days. They included the fact that back then jurors weren’t allowed to watch television or listen to the radio. Charlamagne added, “They didn’t want you to know anything about the case. They didn’t want any outside influence to influence you as a juror.”

He concluded the conversation by insinuating that jurors now might not listen to the actual evidence because they’ve gotten most of their information from social media already.

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