Chief Chris – Sunday @__chiefchris

Something for you & your girl to sip some wine & smoke a blunt to. Twitter/IG: @__chiefchris

D7 – TURNT UPP Mix @derrickmetuh

Music to turn these peoples up. Play at parties for maximum effect. Twitter @derrickmetuh IG @derrickisd7

L100T – I Ain’t Gotta Stunt @iamL100T

The Project focuses on our day to day function you don’t have to, “stunt.” for NO ONE.  But its tailored to us Artist(s) each...

Feenix Phyre – Big Mad @RealFeenPhyre

I wrote this song after a breakup with a guy who had nothing but he thought was better than me. He thought he could...

Dazhane – Suigeneris @__Dazhane

This project is about me, being a unique person and people never noticing it people tend to overlook you no matter how much of...

PrettyCatK – What Time @prettycatkris 

Toxic decision to leave a nigga who ain’t handling his business and get with a sneaky link who will. We might tell a nigga...

Big Jae Gutsy – Stay @therealbig10

It’s a single, a song about love and not wanting a relationship to end which is something everybody can relate to, it’s one of...

Ibby Goldz – Doing Your Thing @GoldzIbby

The single is  about a young black man chasing his dreams while dealing with the main distractions and priorities like money, work (9-5 job) and...

Young Steen – Yes Sir iam @youngsteen1017

Twitter @youngsteen1017 IG @young_steen

Kshawn – FENTY @LifeofKshawn

Just a vibe of rnb / drill mix. IG @kshawn134 Twitter @LifeofKshawn