G.A. Tha General – 2DEF @gangstarzfunk

Nu Souf music group presents G.A. Tha General and "Team BrL " producer Newest single " 2 DEF" getting ready to heat up the...

Rah B – Can’t See Me @tpimplilweezy20

Instagram @Rahboog Twitter @tpimplilweezy20

Twok – Section Eight @1OfNunTwoK

If you ever lived on Section Eight then you pretty much know what’s going on at times . That sums it up. Twitter @1OfNunTwoK IG @_romsavage

Lil Lefebvre – Pure Passion @LefebvreLil

It's about music and writing being a passion of mine. https://open.spotify.com/album/6tmiwdUq9NNWX024BX7tOe?si=uKO2V2B8Tr-aF3L7USEdSQ&utm_source=copy-link&nd=1 IG @lil.lefebvre.1991 Twitter @LefebvreLil

Lil Lefebvre – Move It @LefebvreLil

Songs about every rapper stepping aside and if they wont I'll make em. A new number 1 in town. https://open.spotify.com/album/7LkHamF4x5HW4tk7nShtfz?si=QssoLm2MTqy_TovYP0wgrw&utm_source=copy-link&nd=1 IG @lil.lefebvre.1991 Twitter @LefebvreLil

Lil Lefebvre, Joon Jukx – The Fever – @LefebvreLil

The song is about my lyrical ability to have bars so sick and not being one to mess around with https://open.spotify.com/track/1SSCWJudYhQUS7tXu3MK8y?si=5VZD5ZM9TRmbjrW_tTcmgg&utm_source=copy-link IG @lil.lefebvre.1991 Twitter @LefebvreLil

Shørtstack – SICK OF IT! @shortstack_tx

A song on relevant topics but all in good fun. https://soundcloud.com/kpartist/s-ck-demo?ref=clipboard&p=i&c=1&si=BF4B838DCFF548619C54D5EA7791912D&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing Twiter/IG @shortstack_tx

Mar$ NoeL – CASH OUT @ItsMarsNoel

This is an old recording that was never officially released bc of various reasons. It will be released in the future https://soundcloud.com/itsmarsnoel/cash-out-x-q-the-beat-boy/s-vZTFmgt42PP Twitter @ItsMarsNoel Instagram @marsnoel_1

DREADIE – WAITIN 4 @dreadie_smallz_ @tuffjourneyent

https://open.spotify.com/track/2XgFbo32wZlWBANqV6jA8R?si=VQPiUvO_QjKd53WSTovazA @tuffjourneyent @dreadie_smallz_

BAMMBIZZ – Talkin @twyllamcfarlan1

This song is simply about sex, adult, fun sex. This song represents me as a woman expressing fun and sex. https://open.spotify.com/album/6dqpiffFNySLAhoGoKze4t?si=XcHvYV9iTTybCaOADZXbNg Twitter @twyllamcfarlan1 IG @bammbizzy01