Ocean London – Levels Vol.1 @iamoceanlondon

https://open.spotify.com/album/4LsZR8fusS2C2zTlwAKkaQ?si=DroCw7VMTE6slfows3KUMQ https://www.soundcloud.com/whoisoceanlondon/sets/levels-vol-1

Briggy Donvi – YEAR 3000 Y.K.M.M @Briggydonvi


Dream Teller – Scars On Me @imdreamteller

This is an Ep called Scars on me, It's an emotional Ep with some versatility but mostly focused on human relationships. https://open.spotify.com/album/6sVC3UGrXDHSErHqzdItIs?si=TwoOv8PMRcmCcH1Zr9gFMg Instagram: @imdreamteller Twitter: @imdreamteller

Gino Montana – Wide Awake’s Finest @GinoHundroz

Wide Awake’s Finest is a declaration to my city that i WILL have our name on the map and Im extremely proud to be...

Kayy Melody – No Intentions @1of1BigBodyKayy

This EP is to bring back that sexy R&B Music that we have been missing. Let it paint a intimate picture in your head...

Gobi Love – Smoke & Mirrors @g_lovva

Self reflection and overcoming adversity. True story. https://open.spotify.com/album/4uhB5qnAja8UeCStqw0JGe?si=ox9AGdWAROuNnLL9LzJIlA&utm_source=copy-link Follow on Twitter & Instagram.

Geek Squad – Nice And Easy @Squad1Geek

Cdub second album off Geek Squad records should be an instant classic to follow up Gold Mind he show his versatility and swagger as...

Yungr1chh – World In Motion @Yungr1chh


Jupes – Family @jupestom

This Project is about losing certain family and working through it. https://open.spotify.com/album/2EvGtPtMEv6BF51jBlDCJh?si=9ec8c01767f4452b Twitter @jupestom IG @jupesmakesmusic

Saint Outlaw – The Saint Outlaw VS Slicc Smooth EP 2...

This second independent installment is an 11 minute time capsule of post-pandemic environments. Long overdue but well delivered, this collaborative project between in-house talent...