Geek Squad – Cdub Gold Mind @Squad1Geek

First album for Cdub from a group of musicians called Geek Squad. Taking you on a journey through a mind that’s golden. IG @Cokingston IG @DaGeeksquad1 Twitter...

GetmoneyGov – Blunt Bitches And Money @Dagovernor 

This is definitely one you can't miss. He has to be the most talented artist of our generation. I promise everything that comes from...

Jon World – Love And Drugs @Jonworld__

LOVE AND DRUGS 1.5 (EP) Twitter @Jonworld__ Instagram @Jonw0rld

Eman Musik – SELFMADE @itsEmanMusik

Jay Kendriix – Run For The Hills @jayyfromtha4_ Twitter @jayyfromtha4_ IG @jayhendriix_

MoneyMeeko – Beautiful Disaster @moneymeeko

This album is about a failed polyamorous relationship and how it is to grow up in an all-female house, as well endowed male I...

KingXx Strategic – Drill Vol. 1 @kingxxstrategic

CodeineDCM – Lucifer’s Spit @CodeineDCM Twitter @CodeineDCM IG @Codeine_DCM