Ynm Savage – Took Me Some Time @Ynm_Savage

https://open.spotify.com/album/01TR98WE7aHAgN4Un4ySB8?si=_22yajXZQHii8oClOIj7hQ Twitter @Ynm_Savage Instagram @Ynm_Savage

Extra Gramz & Luh6 – My Brothers Keeper @melmanmusic @radarrecordings

Extra Gramz & Luh6 rep’n Zone 6, East Atlanta drop MBK featuring the hot singles “Let Up, TSA & Been Thru Alot” https://open.spotify.com/album/4XvLc3969lm5bIIDnJK0bm Twitter @melmanmusic @radarrecordings IG...

Peace Children – ENDYO @BoytoiBeatz

Stream on Apple Music Twitter @BoytoiBeatz IG: BoytoiBeatz

FAT ANT – 221 STEALING SHATT @WallerBoiTNB @GreenbackzE

Mr. HOME OF THE WIRE HIMSELF IS BACK!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7ohMLeTKPY&feature=youtu.be IG @wallerboi @fatant22112 @greenbackz Www.twitter.com/WallerBoiTNB Www.twitter.com/GreenbackzE

R.L.L. Arie – Ariston @arierll

New Artist From Virginia Quick introduction To the world 25 year College Grad Member of Kappa Alpha Psi. IG @Rll.arie Twitter @arierll

Geek Squad – Nice And Easy @Squad1Geek

Cdub second album off Geek Squad records should be an instant classic to follow up Gold Mind he show his versatility and swagger as...

Chukkie Savage – M.I.A. @MTM_Cannabis

The project is about the one person I loved the most being my biggest adversary. The man seen disappearing is missing in action but...

D B – How I Live @dbmomcray

How I Live By D.B., Is A Project through The Lens of D.B. Heard In Audio. How D.B. Live Day To Day, Depicted in...

Abstract – Fast Car Music @Abstracttheczar

I made this project towards the end of my freshman year of college. Really felt like I was living fast..I also just got my...

Jon World – Love and Drugs @Jonworld__

“Love and Drugs” Twitter @Jonworld__ Instagram @jonw0rld_