J-Dove – Unexplainable Events @_Allways_Wright @JDoveTheOne

Bring the light to a dark age of love. https://open.spotify.com/album/2BoCQIAqfGPZuFGQCZcSWU Twitter @_Allways_Wright @JDoveTheOne Instagram @j_doveproductions1122 @jdove45

Jon World – Love And Drugs @Jonworld__

LOVE AND DRUGS 1.5 (EP) Twitter @Jonworld__ Instagram @Jonw0rld

Cartier – Shadows @cartier_music

Shadows is about laying low in the shadows and taking your time on your craft and trying to love your self before anything else https://open.spotify.com/album/7LYySVsQrneHRERHySeYXu?si=ZIhKdSlbTP-elS-0fkAwqw Twitter @cartier_music IG @cartier.music

Devlostit – Crimson Tape @devlostit 

My aim is to make music for all the people who feel lost in this world and without a connection. This mixtape is showcasing...

J4 – Patiently Waiting @iamj4len

The EP is basically about me being a young artist from Philly and just waiting my turn. I feel like it’s a lot of...

Feel Jas – Dirty Poetry II: Insecurity

“Dirty Poetry II” is the second installment of Feel Jas’s album trilogy “Dirty Poetry”. https://open.spotify.com/album/3nOLhezupC2QgTsblFgvag?si=OibIa7gRTFSd3BF40dxnHQ IG @feel_jas Twitter @feeljas

Lil Mellie – Underestimated @melliebangdown

https://open.spotify.com/album/6YpRK1QJ8va6Qe3qybTosy?si=brgwIdkRTai6EAFYjREwPA Twitter @melliebangdown IG @lil_melliemelle21

DTX – Summer Of Love @Slartibart5

The project is about how love affected my summer and how I dealt with it, emotionally and mentally. The project means a lot to...

CodeineDCM – Lucifer’s Spit @CodeineDCM

https://open.spotify.com/album/1y0rqbb7H8lLNiqXgAyuBc?referral=labelaffiliate&utm_source=1101lw8uRawJ&utm_medium=Indie_Distrokid&utm_campaign=labelaffiliate Twitter @CodeineDCM IG @Codeine_DCM

Vyree – Flavas @Mondthedon

Flavas by Vyree is the artist’s debut album to hit streaming services; in the album Vyree displays his range in the music industry by...