Cardi B Wants The Court To Grant Permanent Injunction Against Tasha K


Cardi B knows Tasha K won’t stop making her defamatory Youtube videos unless she has no other choice, legally, so she’s trying to get the court to make that happen.

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On Thursday night, the “Up” rapper filed documents in federal court demanding a permanent injunction against Tasha K, which comes following her victory in their defamation trial back in January.

According to reports from TMZ, though the jury awarded Cardi about $4 million, she says that has done nothing to stop the Youtuber from spreading the same lies that landed her in court, including  her former claims that Cardi has committed adultery, has STIs, and was a prostitute.

The docs claim Tasha bragged the following back in August: “Even if they did sue, b***h I ain’t got but a dollar to my name b***h, what are you going to get? And there’s always bankruptcy b***h.”

She went on to say, “I’m going to pull a 50 Cent on that b***h,” referring to the rapper’s bankruptcy filing back in 2015.

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