Cardi B Roasts TikToker Who Only Showers Once A Week


Cardi B‘s presence on Twitter has always been a treat for her followers, whether it be spontaneously posting memes or responding to fans. And, sometimes, she decides to delete her extra provocative tweets.

For instance, recently Cardi B came across a TikTok video of a woman explaining how she only only showers once a week. In the video, TikTok user @cori.ontheroad explained how she is happy showering sparingly because she works virtually and typically is not around other people: “Yes I did say once a week. I live out in nature with my dogs, alone most of the time. They don’t care how I smell. My remote coworkers through the screen don’t care how I smell. I guess I’m just a dirty girl.”

She went on to explain how showering less has had positive effects on her hair and skin, and that she just wants people to live happily: “But I will say, my skin has been way healthier, my hair has been a lot less brittle, and healthier, and whatever, I’m happy. Shower, don’t shower, live your life people.”

When Cardi saw this though, she was concerned for a number of reasons. Firstly, the New Yorker mentioned how bad the smell could be. But, Cardi seemed mainly focused on how itchy she must have been: “Besides the smell… like b**ch you don’t itch?”

Cardi deleted the tweet a while after sending it, but surely she still means what she said. Check out her response to the dirty lady below.

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