Calboy Takes Shots DaBaby: “Let’s Talk About Unsolved Murders”


Chicago rapper Calboy and North Carolina rapper DaBaby have been fighting for the last few days on social media, but the feud has largely been one-sided. After DaBaby collaborated with YoungBoy Never Broke Again on a new album, BETTER THAN YOU, Calboy took issue with the rapper for claiming that he respects King Von, Cal’s cousin, despite hopping on a project with YB, who constantly disses Von. DaBaby responded to Calboy’s messages on Twitter, telling him to “Do sumn.” 

Since then, Calboy logged back onto Instagram and went live, throwing shots at DaBaby and seemingly mentioning his shooting case from a few years ago that got tossed after Baby claimed he fatally shot somebody inside of a Walmart in self-defense.

Prince Williams/Getty Images
Rich Fury/Getty Images

“DaBaby was runnin’ around in a f*ckin’ diaper, bro, you been sold your morality and your integrity a long time ago, n***a,” said Calboy on live. “F*ck is you talkin’ ’bout? Now you tough, n***a? I got real war scars, b*tch. F*ck is you talkin’ ’bout, n***a? You talkin’ ’bout self-defense, n***a? Talkin’ ’bout self-defense? Let’s talk about unsolved murders, b*tch.”

Calboy also explained why he’s not keeping the same energy with YoungBoy Never Broke Again, who is actually the one dissing his cousin, saying, “Ain’ t nobody sayin’ nothin’ about no YB. ‘Cause he’s standing on what he’s saying! N***a leave that sh*t in the streets! He’s standing on what he’s saying, bro. [DaBaby] the only n***a who, ‘Oh no, I’m not apart…’ Yes you is, n***a! You see what the f*ck goin’ on in the world, n***a? Yes you is! You see y’all dropped on the same day as King Von!”

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