Calboy Explains How A Rift With Meek Mill Led To His Dream Chasers Exit


Calboy says that a disagreement with Meek Mill over the music video for “Chariot” is what sparked the rift that caused him to drop his management deal with Dream Chasers Records. During a new interview with VladTV, he explains why the music video for one of his most popular songs never saw the light of day.

“What made the business sour was them not understanding me,” he explained. “I was just young, hungry, on the ground, that’s what I was doing at that time. They were trying to slow shit. I feel like the whole ‘Chariot’ situation, the video situation, all like, ‘We do this, we do that.’ Mind you, ‘Chariot’ is almost the second biggest record after ‘Envy Me,’ debatable. But that’s one of them joints. At that time, that was my momentum, that was my follow-up. And I appreciated Meek for that, I appreciated [Young] Thug. I just texted Thug like three days ago, I just chopped it up with Thug, and I just chopped it up with [Lil] Durk. I appreciated all that, you know what I’m saying?”

Calboy, Meek Mill
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“Chariot” was released in May 2019 and has been certified gold by the RIAA. The audio version has over 30 million views on YouTube.

From there, he revealed that his song “Rumors,” which was released back in February, is actually about Meek.

He continued, “But when it came to actually finishing the rollout, I was never able to fulfill the rollout on ‘Chariot.’ When it came to like the visual and the marketing and all of that, I was never able to do that because we went into some pots and we spent some budgets. I feel like my manager made the deal sour. [‘Rumors’] is about Meek. Basically, he said he didn’t like how the video was cut, he didn’t like how he was viewed in the video. [Meek Mill] said, ‘It would tarnish my brand if I put this out.’ That’s how bad he made it seem. I ain’t understand that at the time, you feel me? I’m trying to understand him, but at that time, I definitely didn’t understand him.”

“Then he said, ‘Cal, I gave you this single,’” he added. “I said, ‘We cooked that single together. It ain’t like you gave me anything, like we went into the studio together, did that together. These guys agreed to work with me, so you didn’t give me anything. I had to real life put these pieces together. You assisted me on that, I appreciate you.’ But it was the way he presented it like, ‘Man, I did this for you but I don’t care how the video looks so we not gonna put it out.’”

Check out Calboy’s discussion with VladTV below.

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