Brittany Renner Reveals She Shut Down DM From Lil Reese


While some celebs, like Cam Newton, have been vocal about not hitting Brittany Renner’s DMs, there are certainly plenty of others who have. And Brittany just outed one. 

The IG model, who was recently in the news for a possible ice cream date with YG (or a possible music video shoot, fans are divided), got into a bit of a back-and-forth with rapper Lil Reese while on twitter. It all seemed to begin when Renner quoted a tweet from Reese and offered a sarcastic reply. Renner quoted Reese’s “If yo bitch in a million ni$$as likes on some fan shit get you another bitch,” and added: “It’s just a like” lol “That’s what Instagram is for…it’s a picture liking app” lol “It’s not that deep” lol “You’re so insecure” lol.” Reese didn’t let it end there, he replied: “Lol no response to a chick like you we kno how you coming already,” ending with a cry-face emoji while insinuating something else.

Renner was quick to hit back, showing a screenshot of a requested DM from Reese to Renner, which Renner clearly hadn’t dealt with. She wrote alongside the screenshot, “Well, there are two sides to every story and then there are screenshots. I’m sorry you’re still hurt that I never replied to your now unsent message. Hope you heal.”

Reese hasn’t replied since. Check out the tweets below.


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