Bow Wow Reacts to Orlando Brown’s Comments: “Tweaked Out… Dem Drugs!”


We’re not sure what you had planned for this week, but hearing Orlando Brown’s comments about Bow Wow wasn’t at the top of our list. The actor has had his fair share of struggles during his career in entertainment, and although the lows have been debilitating, his fans have supported him through each step. Brown has spent the entirety of his life in the limelight, amassing success as a child star before making a Disney name for himself on That’s So Raven.

Addictions would ravage his career but there have been reports stating that these days, he is enjoying his recovery journey. This week, Brown was back in the headlines after a clip of an interview went viral showing the actor speaking on his opinions of Bow Wow. Brown came from left field and remarked that the rapper had “some bomb ass p*ssy.”

Orlando Brown
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The unprompted comment caused a wave of conversations on social media, and while it seemed that Brown was looking for laughs, the public seemed more concerned about his well-being. Meanwhile, people have taken to Twitter to ask Bow when he planned to respond to Brown’s interview, which he addressed just hours ago.

“Since when legends GOT TO speak on f*ckery? Im filming my new tv show as we speak and preparing for a sold out show at the o2 arena for the millennium tour in London,” Bow stated. “Ima 35 yr old father i dont play them type games. You do know this bow u talking to right. I AM A BOY DAMON.”

“Dawg im just now seeing it. I been wrapped up w work. I be chilling … off the grid not all on the net then ill look up and be trending… they know who names they gotta say to go viral for 24 hours. [sideways crying laughing emoji] sh*t be crazy,” he added. “Tweaked out… but you know dude really need help na im sayn? Thats why we aint trippin on em. Nobody taking him serious. Its sad because he had potential to be great. Its sad. Dem drugs!”

Check it out below.

Bow Wow, Orlando Brown
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