Blac Chyna’s Legal Team Is Requesting A Redo After Nudes Were Introduced In Court


Blac Chyna is asking for another chance to go under oath in her case against the Kardashians. She claims that the revenge porn pictures shown to her during her time on the stand skewed her testimony. 

Chyna’s legal team filed court documents requesting that the judge grant her another chance to take the stand. They also want all of the testimony that came after she was shown the images to be stricken from the record. Her attorneys are arguing that the nudes shown to her by the Kardashian’s lawyer were triggering while being questioned about the restraining order she took out on Rob.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

They claim that the images caused Chyna to panic and cry on the witness stand, completely ruining the rest of her testimony – alleging that she would’ve been able to answer the questions under better circumstances. They say that the pictures left her emotional and unable to regain her composure following a break. Her legal team also alleges that introducing the photos into court violates a previous order that would’ve prevented this from happening during the trial.

Now, the Kardashian team is of course pushing back at the request. The family’s legal team filed a response, stating that allowing a redo would be ridiculous and an attempt to fix what they considered to be a “disastrous” day for Chyna. Apparently, she folder under the pressure of being cross-examined. The attorneys say that the time she spent on the stand is longer than the amount of time she was on camera for Rob & Chyna.

The Kardashian legal team also alleges that it’s coincidental that Chyna is asking for this after they filed for a verdict on the damages issue.


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