BigBossCoop – No Ls Taken Hosted by Trap-a-Holics @BigBossCoop 


BigBossCoop an unsigned up and coming rapper out of Jackson,TN Delivers his debut mixtape No Ls Taken Hosted by Trap-a-Holics, he starts the tape off with the first track 100k with production by ChaseRanItUp and  He goes straight in off the rip! Second track is followed up Dice Game as he continues to deliver his unique flow as he changes his style up on track 2. Track 3 Ballin Out which he calls his fav off the tape he looses his mind and snaps soon as the first verse comes in “ Let’s Play Big Bank Take Little Bank and Let’s See Who’s the Biggest, Pull your Car Up Beside Mine and Let’s See Who the Fastest!” BigBossCoop raps I mean looks like he falling off in the game strong we rated the mixtape 8.5/10! Looking to see what type of impact he can make on the game! 

Twitter @BigBossCoop

Instagram @BigBossCoop

SoundCloud @BigBossCoop

Audiomack BigBossCoop
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