Benzino Arrested Following Altercation With Ex


The dust-ups surrounding Benzino have reportedly increased in recent days. The ongoing back and forth between Benzino and his daughter Coi Leray have been well-documented on social media as the pair have had run-ins that have unfolded for a global audience. Most recently, Benzino almost ruined Leray’s collaboration with Nicki Minaj after sharing information about their single without their knowledge, and then later, Benzino unleashed after his daughter appeared on The Breakfast Club. According to Leray, he was upset because she revealed they were “broke” after he was removed from The Source.

Meanwhile, new reports have stated that Benzino’s troubles have continued. He was allegedly arrested after an argument with Althea Heart, the mother of his child.

Benzino, Althea Heart
Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty Images

Body camera footage has circulated online showing Benzino shirtless and yelling in front of Althea’s home. The clip shows an officer speaking with Althea and she claimed that she was with her male friend taking a walk and when they returned to her home, Benzino “popped up.” She told police that her ex threatened the man she was with and became so irate that he punched the man’s truck, denting the vehicle.

Later, Benzino is seen crying and screaming while officers take witness statements. He denied hitting the man’s truck and said he had stopped by to watch his son play tennis before being confronted by Althea’s male friend. Officers detailed the incident on YouTube:

“At this point, Reginald attempted to get into his vehicle, but was unable to due to Raymond being in the way. Reginald stated that Althea then got in to the driver’s seat of his truck and attempted to pull away. Reginald told me that as they began to try and drive away, Raymond then struck his vehicle multiple times with his fist. I was able to view the damage of the truck, which showed two dents in the driver side rear door. Reginald then stated that Raymond continued to threaten him until police arrival.“I also spoke with Althea, and another witness, Cindy, who observed the incident from her porch. Cindy stated that she also viewed the Raymond subject shouting obscenities and punching the red pickup truck.”
Watch the entire ordeal below. Benzino was previously arrested in 2020 following an alleged similar incident.

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