6ix9ine Is Broke, In A Court Hearing The Rapper Claimed “Right now, I am struggling to make ends meet,”


Although Tekashi 6ix9ine was released on house arrest in April 2020 for his felonious involvement with his former gang the Nine Trey Bloods, his legal issues were far from over. One of the cases that has been looming over his head for years has been a robbery that he and his Nine Trey affiliates executed in April 2018.

Allegedly, he and his accomplices bum-rushed into a studio after showing up in an SUV, and held the people there at gunpoint and robbed them. Tekashi and the Nine Trey Bloods believed the people were affiliated with Rap-A-Lot Records, who they had beef with at the time, but that ended up being untrue.

Although he no longer associates with Nine Trey, as he actually helped many of their leaders be sent to prison with his compliance with federal officials in 2018, he still has to deal with the consequences of that robbery.

In 2020, the victims, Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier, sued 6ix9ine for his involvement with the robbery, and it was later revealed in Summer 2021 that he may have to pay millions to the plaintiffs.

At a recent hearing for the suit, Tekashi explained how his financial status does not currently allow him to pay large sums of money: “Right now, I am struggling to make ends meet. I do not know if I will ever command the kind of advances I was paid before my arrest, and my career stalled.”

Tekashi’s deal with TenThousand Projects record label ended this month, and they were pivotal in providing income for him through merchandising. 6ix9ine continued by saying his royalty situation is dire and an unfavorable ruling in this case would potentially bankrupt him: “I did receive large advances under the recording artist and merchandising agreements prior to my arrest. However, I do not receive any royalties under those agreements either since my royalty accounts remain un-recouped. It will surely bankrupt me in a way from which I will never recover to the permanent detriment and hardship of the family members who rely upon me.”

Things are not looking good for Tekashi 6ix9ine, who has been on a months-long hiatus from releasing music and posting on social media.

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